All Tricks For Samsung Edge S7/8/9/10 In Frame Lamination

Date: 2019-06-14 11:30:36

Trick # 1

Remove the dents and scratchs from the frame, ensure that the glass can fit in the frame 100%, any dents will pop up your glass and it will made glass won't touch with screen properly.

Most of the bubbles from the corners is because of the dents.



Trick #2

Put a thin plastic strip on the back of your flex cable, it can support the flex cable up to make the screen touch with glass when laminating. Warm tips: the plastic strip length is about 3mm shorter than your screen's flex cable

Many people has bubbles issue on the flex cable side, it's because of there has no support on the back of your screen, we know that the frame has a space on the back of the flex cable.



Trick #4

Heat your screen with mold at 60C degrees, the heat can pop up your screen and make the screen can touch with glass more completely

Neccessary heat can make in frame lamination more easier.




Trick #4

Remove the extra OCA glue from the edge after lamination finished, the size of OCA glue from OCAMaster is same like glass, but after high pressure laminating, the OCA glue will comes out little bit.


Use your fingel remove it easily.



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