How to set up your laminator machines (K6/K7/K15/Xpert)?

Date: 2019-04-11 08:28:30


After openning box, please Don't reset any parameters before your fully understood.

All machine's default setting from factory is based on our last 7 years experience, so please trust the default setting.

1. Time setting

  • Vacuum time: 50S  The Time for generating a pure vacuum for your laminator, we recommend setting about 50S (45S~60S is normal)
  • Lamination time: 10S You don't have to laminate too long time, because once glass and LCD screen touched means lamination almost finsihed.
  • Temperature for lamination & debubble: 45C  A warm temperature for lamination and debubble is enough.
  • Debubble Time: 300S  Debubble time is not that much important, you can set it from 60S to 600S as your wish.


2. Pressure setting

  • Vacuum Pressure: -90.0  This one is not that much important, when vacuum reach your setting vacuum, it will start counting vacuum time, so you don't have to reset this if your vacuum works properly.
  • Laminaton Pressure:  OCA glue lamination -5.0 / In-Frame for edge -20.0 / Out-Frame for edge -30.0 / iPhone and other regular flat screen either from -60.0 to -70.0


3. How to use machines?

If your machine is K7/K6EDDE Pro/K15/Xpert/Xpert+ which comes with a outside vacuum pump (buy vacuum pump oil from your local market or ebay please and fill oil first before using, we have video for how to fill oil for vacuum pump), please always plug your vacuum pump in your laminator's power socket and keep the machine's power switch always ON, because vacuum pump's ON/OFF under controlled by your laminator. DON'T PLUG YOUR VACUUM PUMP DIRECTLY IN YOUR WALL SOCKET!

No matter what airbag machine you are using from OM, pls always press start button first to let vacuum work and suck the airbag back, then close the door. Because sometimes the airbag was inflated and it will pre-laminated the glass without vacuum and get locked bubbles.

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