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Date: 2019-01-28 14:46:20



The last process of OCA lamination is bubble elimination. The bubble remover machine has a huge autoclave with high pressure. As we all know, a good recycled LCD screen should not have tiny bubbles after they have been removed. Unfortunately, most people still struggle to avoid bubbles even after lamination. There are two types of bubbles. They include locked and vacuum bubbles.


Vacuum bubbles are not real because they don't have any air. This means that if you use a bubble remover, then those bubbles will disappear quickly and you will never hear of them again. On the other hand, locked bubbles are real bubbles meaning that the bubbles have air. Typically, these kinds of bubbles are difficult to eliminate completely in autoclave even after high-pressure pressing. At first, you won't see the bubbles when you remove the screen from the autoclave. However, if you check the LCD screen after an hour or after one day, you will notice that bubbles have resurfaced. Such bubbles are known as delay bubbles.


OM-A3 bubble remover for ipad tablet big screen bubble removing


Any screen repair technician will tell you that delay bubbles are their biggest headache. Most of them think that delay bubble occurs because the pressure applied by the bubble remover is actually not enough. If you want to get rid of deal bubbles completely, then you need to use high-quality lamination machine that is powerful enough. Bubbles are also triggered by temperature. When removing them, we recommend that you adjust the temperature to 45C on your machine.   

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