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Date: 2019-01-28 14:44:53

This product has different names. Some people call mould, others mold while others jig. Regardless of how you call it, one thing that is clear is that jig and mold plays a crucial role in aligning OCA glue or LCD/OLED screen with the glass before laminating. Over the past 4 years, we have developed four types of molds specifically for screen recycling. They include regular aligning mold, in-frame lamination mold, out-frame aligning mold and 2 in 1 aligning mold. 

Regular flat screen aligning mold

iPhone alignment mold


You first need to align the new glass that you have just purchased correctly on the LCD screen before you start the lamination process. This will ensure that the LCD screen fits properly on your phone once the lamination process is complete. However, when you using this technique, then you will be required to pre-laminate the glass on the LCD screen for a while. However, if you lack the knowledge and experience on how to use this type of mold, then you may end up seeing bubbles in the middle of the glass. However, if you know what you are doing, then this technique will give you the results that you are looking for.


2 in 1 aligning & laminating bubble free mold

2 in 1 alignment lamination mold for iPhone

This type of mold allows you to skip the pre-lamination process. This means that you can put this mold in the laminator and start the lamination process immediately. The fact that this mold skips the lamination process makes it suitable even for beginners because they don't have to worry about the appearance of a bubble. It took OCAMaster 3 years of extensive research to develop this product. This mold is highly recommended especially for newbies who want to recycle iphoneX series screen.


In-Frame lamination mold

Samsung edge in frame lamination mold

OCAMaster takes pride for being the first company to create in-frame lamination for Samsung edge series screen recycling. One benefit of using this type of mold for Samsung edge OLED screen recycling is the convenience that it gives. It also minimizes the risk of breakage. Once you successfully separate the broken glass from the OLED screen, the screen will still remain on the frame. The fact that the screen still remains on the frame makes is it easy and safe to clean up the glue.


Once the clean-up process is complete, you need to insert the whole unit in the airbag laminator then start lamination process. You may see some few bubbles on the top. However, if you follow tips and tricks given by the manufacturer (OCAMaster) then bubbles will not be a concern. The in-frame mold can do two crucial things for the Samsung Edge series screen recycling. They include in-frame lamination and glue removal. 


Out-Frame lamination mold

out frame OCA lamination mold

This type of mold can laminate both the OLED screen and the OCA glue of Samsung edge glass. The main difference between in-frame lamination and out-frame lamination lies on the separation of OLED screen from the middle frame. People who choose out-frame lamination do so because they want perfect results. Although in frame usually leave little waves on the screen after lamination, they usually disappear after a few days. If you want perfect results, then we recommend that you purchase both out-frame and in-frame molds.  

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