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Apple Watch LCD Alignment Mold For Aligning LCD With Glass
US $0.00 Weight:0.3kg Brand:OCAMasterColor:GrayWarranty:12 months
S1-7 all in one

About OCA Alignment Mold and How to Select a Mold.

● The aligning mold is only for aligning the front glass on the LCD screen, you have to take it out from the mold after aligning finish, and then put the LCD screen in the laminator to do laminating.   

● All the mold developed with high accuracy, you can learn more about this mold by watching the videos.

● This guarantee provides you with free repairs of your machines, including spare parts and technical support, for up to 12 months.
● Should you experience a technical problem with your machines you can contact one of our specialists on (0086)17722807060 or email to who will advise you on a solution.
● Should we deem your machines beyond repair due to spare parts worn out, we will provide you with a free replacement.

New Arrival
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