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DL400Pro Screen Tester Mobile Phone LCD Screen Tester Original Color Meter
US $0.00 Weight:0.5kg Brand:OCAMasterDimensions:75*156*12mm 220GColor:GreenRated Current:DC5V-2AWorking Temp:-20C-85C
Screen Tester

About DL-400Pro

● This is a smart screen tester

● One machine for multiple tests, 2.8-inch large screen without obstruction, supports all-in-one, constantly updated, upgraded, and testable models added Apple, HW, Samsung, Xiaomi,OPPO,Honor,VIVO, iWatch,iPad and TECNO......

● Information clearly displayed. Operation is clear at a glance. Comprehensive detection of screen display problems, test pictures can be quickly configured, and quickly detect screen hiding issues.

● Support original color restoration, Make the display more vivid, Continuously upgrade compatible versions, no burden on remote upgrades, and strong stability, Supports reverse charging and data transfer.

● Touch test, There are two ways: simple test mode and track test mode. Simple mode type: Simple test mode is specially designed for factories. Press the touch counterclockwise direction. Touch the edge and draw a circle to test the quality of the touch.

Track test mode: You can use the "touch position cross display function" to check the accuracy of the touch point and whether the points are reported randomly. You can also use the "touch track display function" to check the hand speed of the touch line and the shape of the line.

● 3DTouch test. The 3DTouch function can be tested on the touch test interface. The user presses anywhere on the screen to generate a pressure value. As the pressure value increases, the screen changes from a small red square to a large green square.

● Continuously upgrade compatible versions, remote upgrade is burden-free, has strong stability, and supports reverse charging and data transmission.

1. Please do not disassemble, repair or modify this product by yourself (three guarantees are not supported for private disassembly and repair)
2. Do not expose this product to rain or humid environment
3. Do not subject the product to mechanical impact
4. Do not expose this product to heat, fire or high temperature environments, and avoid storing it in
Place exposed to direct sunlight.

●Packing list
EVA environmentally friendly packaging box X1, test box X1, TYPE-C charging cable X1, USB flash drive X, silicon
Rubber sleeve X1, adapter plate X2


New Arrival
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