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MaAnt Reball Kit
US $0.00 Weight:1.5kg
Option 1
Option 2

● Option 1 MaAnt X-11 Pro Max middle layer tin planting
1. Universal base X 1
2. Positioning plate=X/XS/XSM+iP11+iP11 Pro/PM+12/mini/Pro/max 4 models each 1
3. Stencil=X+XS/XSM+iP11+iP11 Pro/PM+12mini+12Pro+12Promax 7 models each 1


●  Option 2 A8-A14 CPU Reball Kit
1. Universal base X 1
2. Positioning plate=A8-A14 in one, 7 models, 1 each
3. Steel mesh = A8-A14 lower layer 7 styles 1 each

1. The thickness of the steel mesh is 0.12mm by default, and 0.10mm is also optional.
2. Features = Laser black net, strong magnetic positioning, Super Precise Stencil By Laser Machine, Strong Magnetic Base Position Universal Base, Universal Base For IOS Android CPU & Middle Frame.
3.Universal base = CPU/middle/Android are universal.

● This guarantee provides you with free repairs of your machines, including spare parts and technical support, for up to 12 months.

● Should you experience a technical problem with your machines you can contact one of our specialists on (0086)13713791491 or email to who will advise you on a solution.

● Should we deem your machines beyond repair due to spare parts worn out, we will provide you with a free replacement

New Arrival
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