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Polarizer Film for iPhone LCD Screen Refurburbishing
US $0.00 Weight:0.002kg
iPhone 5/5S
iPhone 4.7 (6/6S/7/8)
iPhone 5.5 (6P/6SP/7P/8P)
High Copy

About Polarizer Film
● We offer 2 kind of quality for iPhone polarizer film, they are High-Copy and Premium.
● Both of those 2 quality does not have any issue with touch, but if you wear a sunglasses, you will find the color of High-Copy is getting more white, but the Premium quality never has this problem.
● If you don't check the LCD with sunglasses, then there has no much difference between High-Copy and Premium quality.
● Removing polarizer film need a very tursted machine, we are highly recommend you to take the OM-C2 for polarizer film removing.
● OCAMaster have been in this business 6 years, we have good quality controlling about polarizer film from our experiences.

● This guarantee provides you with free repairs of your machines, including spare parts and technical support, for up to 12 months.
● Should you experience a technical problem with your machines you can contact one of our specialists on (0086)13713791491 or email to who will advise you on a solution.
● Should we deem your machines beyond repair due to spare parts worn out, we will provide you with a free replacement.

New Arrival
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