OCAMaster has been a pioneer in the field of machine manufacturing for over 7 years now and is recognized the world over for its commitment to research and development in the field. The company has its focus on lamination machines. It has expertise in the production of several different kinds of lamination machines, including soft to soft lamination (F+F), soft to rigid lamination, and rigid to rigid lamination (G+G). The machines created by OCAMaster can be successfully used to laminate OCA films, PETE films, polarizer films, protection films, touch sensor films, etc. The company is focused on collaborations to make further advancements in its niche field. OCAMaster's G+G solution is the ideal choice for screen-to-glass laminating and is often used to laminate rigid LCD screens. Phones, laptops, pads, screen panels, game machines, cover lens, etc. are some of the everyday objects laminated using this technique. The G+G solution is also an ideal solution for laminating soft OLED screens. For instance, the screens of phones from the Samsung Galaxy and Note series, as well as the Huawei P30 Pro Edge series, are laminated using this technique. In the past, OCAMaster has collaborated with several pioneering glass/screen manufacturers in the world, such as CORNING, APPLE, BOE, HUAWEI, BIEL, LENS, SHARP, FOXCONN, etc., to facilitate new advancements in the field. The company is always to open collaborations that can benefit its customers. OCAMaster also works with skilled professionals who are adept at customizing all kinds of laminators. The company works unrelentingly to ensure the requirements of all its customers are wholly met. Thus, the company offers different accuracy solutions to meet the different accuracy requirements of different customers. For instance, the company provides micrometer adjusting systems with accuracy ranging from 100um ~ 150 um; CCD Camera + micrometer systems with accuracy ranging from 80um ~ 100 um; and CCD camera + UVW systems with accuracy ranging from 30um ~ 50um. All of these machines can be further customized to meet the different accuracy requirements of different clients. OCAMaster works with a team of skilled and proficient professionals with years of experience in the field. It is due to the hard work and dedication of our team that we are able to satisfy each of our clients and touch new milestones every now and then. The organization and the team are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our customers, and we take this commitment very seriously. Whatever your problem may be, OCAMaster will be able to provide a solution for it.
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