Congratulations! OCAMaster Iraq established on 6th,July of 2019, one more country has our brand now for customers buying from off line store.
This K6Lite has an all in one lamination machine with a 750 watts vacuum pump built in (the other brand laminator only built in with 550 watts motor), all the electric components is same quality like K6Edge and K6Pro, lamination & debubble size is 7 inches, special customized for India market with 12 months warranty and life time support.
The new version of samsung out frame mold from OCAmaster has launched, it has included 4pcs plate, 2 base with rubber and another 2pcs for alignment. This new rubber piece is very sticky which can hold the sceen and OCA glue very tight, and it can protect the OLED screen pre-touch with glass before laminating.
In frame is a solution first created by OCAMaster in 2017 to help the shop owner save the screen recycling time, you don't have to remove the frame from the screen which will decrease the risk of harm your OLED screens. What you need for in frame lamination is a freezer, an airbag lamination machine and in frame mold, if you are not understood well about in frame lamiantion, you can watch the video below to learn more
The 4 in 1 glass is a very popular glass for iphone LCD refurbishing now, this glass comes with cold press frame, oca glue and polarizer film, all of those material is the A++ grade quality, almost 99% near the original quality made by foxconn, and we believe it is really good enough for most of the customers, this glass does not have apple logo, so never worry about if it is illegal.
OCAmaster has 2 kind of machines, they are all in one model & separated model, all in one model means the laminator, vacuum pump, air compressor, bubble remover all built in one machine (such as K5, K5i, K5EDGE, K6EDGE), those machines are very popular for a individual repair shop since it won't take too much space from your table. some people said the all in one machine is not good because if any components damaged, fixing it will be a problem.
Cold press framed glass is getting very popular now, the glass comes with cold press frame on it, the advantage of cold press framed glass is that the glue is very steady after a long time, means the frame won't separate from the glass easily like hot glue frame.
This is the manual instruction of how to set up OM-K6EDGE
The cold press framed glass got very popular from 1 year ago, it was a new technology for making iphone's LCD refurbishing more faster, the glass come with a frame laminated with cold glue, the advantage of the cold glue is that it won't deteriorate after few months and lose viscidity (most of the hot glue laminated frame got easily separated from the glass after few months ).
Many clients had the same question (or we can call it problem) after they bought the air bag OCA laminator (such as OM-K6edge, K5edge), the problem is that their machine keep pumping vacuum and never start the second step (Lamination step), sometimes they even can smell the burn from inside.
It was a very interested trip in Las Vegas, we met some customers in the show and it was exicted to talk with them about LCD refurbishing, we shared some new technology of iphone6s/7 and samsung s6/s7 edge OLED repairing
We use the best quality vacuum motor for this machine which can work over 15 years, and all other spare parts can be sent soon if client need it. we offer 12 months warranty for the machine.
Mobile display technology is firmly split into two camps, the AMOLED and LCD crowds. Both are based on quite different underlying technologies, leading manufacturers to tout a number of different benefits depending on which display type they’ve opted for.
The Samsung S10 Edge was first released less than a year ago, and many users are having issues already with broken and cracked screens. In fact, it was the worst ranking phone in Square Trade's bendability test - This means that the screen bends often, breaking the glass. Repairing a broken screen is obviously not possible, so it must be replaced. In this guide we will explain the methods of cracked Samsung S10 OLED touch screen repairing.
A good air bag oca lamination machine should have the latest technology. Before you can be in a position of buying one, you must be aware of the technology it uses since this will affect its efficiency when using it. Those who have tried it have always been satisfied by the quality of air bag oca lamination machine when buying one from the market.
The invention of the smartphone is perhaps one of the most remarkable technological innovations of the 21 st century. While smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life, they have one major downfall: their screens get easily broken. There have been many techniques advanced for the repair of cell phone screens but one of the most remarkable is the use of a phone LCD repair machine
Iphone is probably the most expensive smart phones today whose maintenance requires proper care and attention. Well, for many people who own a smart phone like an iphone, what usually poses a big challenge is when the phone breaks down and particularly where to find the genuine repair parts or buy a new genuine smart phone that will serve you better and for longer.
You need not risk the usability of your device by relying on other options to fix the problem. Our lamination machines are what you need to continue enjoying the rewards of your investment. Perhaps there is something you want clarified so feel free to talk to us or visit our premises. We are waiting to serve you.
The OLED screen should be replaced when is damaged by cracks or scuff marks. More so it needs to be replaced when it is damaged to the extent it can no longer display an image, this may due to cracking of the thin and highly fragile Liquid Crystal Display unit. This is common despite it being protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4.
OCAmaster is a well-known manufacturing company that is currently under the spotlight. There is a high demand for the machines sold by OCAmaster and has served the entire Europe, North America, South America and other Western countries.
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