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Very helpful! The full process for iPhone X series digitizer screen repairing
We made this live testing on 9th of May,2019. The result was good, only that 6P has a black line on the right side after lamination, but i think probably its because of that screen was not so good (we had used it for testing more than 20 times), another reason we think maybe the lamination pressure (it was -50.0) in this video was a little bit high, so we recommend to use -70.0 will be better for this 2 in 1 lamination mold.
This article has all the questions and answers for K6edge, pls watch the videos and try to figure it out if possible
Please read this article to learn about how to set up your machines properly.
First, you have to understand that OCA is a special glue, it is softer than solid but harder than liquid LOCA glue, we never got bubbles when use LOCA glue to refurbish LCD, that's because of bubbles can be removed easily from the liquid, but air can't pass through colloid easily.
Static is a normal problem for most of people when repair iphone LCD, it can make touch loose and color problem, for removing static from LCD, we suggest the following points.
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