For Regular Flat LCD

Product Detailed Weight Unit Price Quantity Subtotal
OM-K6EDGE all in one OCA lamination machine for regular flat LCD/OLED EDGE screen laminating
45kg $1199 1 $1199
OM-H3 iPhone 6/7/8/X/XSMAX Plastic Frame Separator Machine For Removing iPhone Screen Frame
8kg $120 1 $120

About Basic Kit For Regular Flat LCD/LED Screen

●  Basic kit included OM-K6EDGE, and OM-H3 those 2 machines.

●  OM-H3 is working for cutting and removing the frame of iPhone.

●  OM-K6Edge is working for laminating the glass on the screen.

●  If you only think about to repair the flat screen of iPhone, Samsung, Huawei,Xiaomi and all other brand, then this basic kit is good enough for you.

●  The advantage of OCAMaster's machine is low risk and very few bubbles after vacuum lamination, you don't have to worry about all kind of delay bubbles for your screen refurbishing business.

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